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 Ecocleanse Decontamination Towels are designed to help in environments where skin cleaning is required or needed, when NO running water or No sanitation facilities are conveniently available.  Disaster workers, Law Enforcement, Environmental Companies, Petroleum/Coal workers or any other companies that come into contact with “known” workplace contaminants.  The human skin absorbs 60% of what it comes in contact with. And 100% in more sensitive areas such as underarms and the groin area. Timely cleaning in the field or on the job is critical.



 Ecocleanse Decontamination Towels are biodegradable 100% cotton towels, not a synthetic towel or wipe. Each towel is infused and pre-moistened with all natural ingredients. They are individually packaged and are ready to use right out of the package. There are no harsh chemicals, so they will not further damage even the most sensitive skin.

Because Ecocleanse Decontamination Towels are biodegradable and are 100% natural cotton towels, they do not contribute to environmental ‘trash’ if left behind.  We encourage proper disposal after use.  However, with proper cleaning, they can be reused for other purposes.  Because they are a cotton towel, they can be used for cleaning of tools or other equipment, as a hand rag in any garage area or a handy towel where a cotton towel is needed.

Contact Us for more information about the Ecocleanse Decontamination Towels.  They are a patented and trademarked product that are available in volume discounts for commercial accounts, local distributors, plus Federal/State and County/Municipal Service agencies.  You can purchase Ecocleanse Decontamination Towels here, online in volume up to 5 cases. (144 Ecocleanse Decontamination Towels per case)  For larger volumes, please contact us at 800-918-8323

All Natural Decontamination Towel

Available June 2017 | Call 800-918-8323 For More Info
















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