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November 01, 2016international firefighter cancer

International Firefighter Cancer Foundation encourages use of patented “Cool Towels” to easily regulate body temperature

The International Firefighter Cancer Foundation has begun encouraging its clients and local first responders to use a new product that is ideal for regulating body temperature and staying cool in the line of duty: Cool Towels.
When removed from their package, the Cool Towel begins dropping in temperature to as low as 57 degrees Fahrenheit, instantly providing cooling relief. Cool Towels are made from 100% cotton, packaged in hygienic re-sealable bags, and are recyclable. The product is also designed to last for numerous uses.
“Regulating body temperature is incredibly important for emergency first responders and those they serve,” Cindy Ell, founder of IFCF, says. “We want to make sure as many people as possible are aware of this incredible little product that carries tremendous value.”

Cool Towels are distributed in the United States by Hennessy Distributing. Those interested in learning more about the company and its product should visit
“Hennessy has been such a blessing for us and our clients,” Ell says. “When it comes to educating firefighters on ways to help themselves and others prevent heat exhaustion and discomfort when out in the field, we feel that Cool Towels fit our Foundation’s mission perfectly.”

Ell says the Cool Towel has been well-received by firefighters and foundation clients in her community. Not only are the towels easy to store, transport, and use, they are also very affordable and made from all-natural components and ingredients. The towels are made from 100% cotton soaked in an all-natural cooling solution that activates when the product is exposed to open air. The process, known as evaporative cooling, removes latent heat from the surface of the towel as the solution evaporates, taking heat with it.

The International Firefighter Cancer Foundation promotes knowledge, awareness, and resource assistance for firefighters and family members afflicted by cancer. The Foundation accomplishes this by creating state-of-the-art programs for cancer education, awareness, research and prevention.


To learn more about the IFCF, visit

Contact: Cindy Ell, founder, International Firefighter Cancer Foundation. 866-411-3323















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